It was a dream of Jack Nicklaus to found a golf tournament that would resemble the Masters and attract the finest golf talents around the world. This golf legend announced this dream to the world way back in 1966, during the Masters week. The guy also had a zeal for charity works in Great Columbus, his own hometown. It was on the basis of this that the Memorial Tournament was born. A decade down the line, the Memorial Tournament has seen golfers lock horns at the Muirfield Village, which is located outside Columbus. It was Jack who developed this venue, which was launched in 1974. As history has it, Muirfield Village is built on a property where jack enjoyed playing while he was still a young boy. The Memorial Tournament borrows a lot from the Masters and it also fulfills Jack’s dream of helping charities.

The Memorial Tournament is a field event where only 75 golfers are allowed to participate, with golfers who appeared on the previous year’s money list all receiving invitations. Apparently, Jack has a hand in choosing the remaining lot of players. Jack also ensures that the golf course for this tournament is well maintained and taken care off.