Learning Golf

How to Choose Your Golf Instructor

Finding the right golf instructor is a big challenge, especially for beginners. While every instructor will have their weaknesses, you will want to find a competent teacher with the right skills and the best teaching style for your needs. So what exactly should you look for in your instructor?


While it is one thing to master and teach golf, it is quite another to teach the sport with passion. A good golf instructor should be passionate about the sport in order to motivate and inspire students. Since most students tend to become disinterested when learning becomes too theoretical, it is important to let them enjoy the nicest part of learning which is putting the theory into practice.

Technical Knowledge

This is an obvious requirement for any good instructor. The instructor should have mastered the rules of the game, the moves, the stance and the mechanics of shots among other technical areas of the sport.

Excellent Communication Skills

A good golf instructor should be able to communicate the message they are teaching in a way that is clear and easily understood. Better yet is if they can use comparisons and metaphors to drive the point home and keep students interested in the lesson.


The rate at which people understand what they are being taught is different. While some learners will grasp the content in a single lesson, others may need multiple recaps to understand the concept being taught. To handle the latter category of learners, instructors must be patient. So if you find an instructor who is fond of throwing tantrums at slow learners, then such a teacher may not be the right person. Lack of patience may scare students, forcing them to keep their weaknesses to themselves and slowing down progress.


While some golf instructors may want to be precision freaks, it should be noted that not every student wants to become a tour golfer. A good instructor should understand that it may not be necessary spending several months teaching you the correct stance when what you are after is in fact boosting your game within the shortest time possible. An open-minded instructor is also willing to learn new ideas about the sport. Remember, golf keeps on improving all the time. It is incumbent upon the instructor to seek and understand any new ideas about the sport.