Learning Golf

Best Apps for Learning Golf

To be a golf master you need skill as golf is itself a game of skill. You need to pitch, drive, and cover 18 holes in the fewest possible strokes. However, learning and perfecting golfing skills can be challenging. With app technology you can use your smartphone to perfect your skills. Here are some of the best apps you may wish to consider:

R&A: As a golf student, it is important to have a rule-book on your smartphone. This app is loaded with tips on etiquette, definitions and rules of the game. There is even a short test for self assessment.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyser: As the name suggests, Zepp Golf Swing Analyser is meant to help golf enthusiasts record their strokes and improve their swings

18Birdies: This app can be used as a stats tracker, digital scorecard or GPS rangefinder. You will also access a lot of golfing news via this app

Hole19: This is a free app rich in various golfing features, including a digital scorecard, a GPS rangefinder, statistics tracker and many more.

Other decent apps for learning golf include mScorecard, Golf Live 24 and GolfNow. The best thing about these apps is that they are free to use.