Why Golf Shoes Are So Popular

If you observe golfers keenly, you will notice that what they buy as golfing shoes, end up being their everyday wear for casual engagements. They begin by wearing the shoes for a golfing round, but you will still find them in the same shoes at the end of the weekend. Eventually, they will get several pairs of golf shoes and convert them into their casual footwear.

What, then, is it that makes the golf shoe so popular?

Golf shoes follow the same script which has been trending in the creation of athletic gear across the board. You might have noticed, for instance, that basketball shoes dominate the footwear market. The same goes for football shirts which, besides showing loyalty to a club, are much loved for their comfort.

The reason for this is the increased involvement of science in the creation of athletic gear. Large companies such as Nike put in research when coming up with new products. They factor in aspects like comfort, in a bid to enhance performance. Golf shoes have followed the same trail, and have several features which make them all-day wearables. These include the following.


This is the ultimate reason which guides the choice of a shoe. The current generation of golf shoes offers comfort such as none before them. These shoes have nice, soft padding on the inside that ensures the body’s pressure is evenly distributed.

The tops are made of various soft materials that hold the foot like a glove. Most tops are also waterproof, so the wearer’s feet remain dry even in dewy conditions. Wearers just don’t feel like taking the shoes off after their game of golf.


Golf shoes are made with a specific focus on traction to ensure stability when swinging. This firm grip on the ground feels nice, even when walking on normal ground. Some golf shoes have rubber spikes which offer extra support on pavements without producing noise.


Golf speaks class, the shoes worn by its players no less. The VIP feel of wearing golf shoes is a big contributor to their popularity. Furthermore, people tend to get golf shoes which help them identify with their favourite players. Like team jerseys, golf shoes can become hugely popular, if a star player wears the brand.


This goes especially for men. Let’s face it, no man is a natural shopper. Men will either get five pairs of the same shoe or use the one pair owned until it completely wears out. Golf shoes are made tough, so they can stand the twists and poses of players, which means they can last a long time. That is just about enough incentive to have men wear them all day, every day.


While golf is considered an elite sport, it is pleasing to know that the prices of golf shoes vary greatly. This accommodative nature for people of all kinds of budgets is highly attractive.