Major Golf Championships

Golf Etiquette for Players and Spectators

If you plan to hit the golf soon for fun or business, or even just as a spectator, it’s imperative that you learn the rules of golf etiquette. Golf, just like many other sports, has rules and traditions that you need to follow to prevent you from irritating other golfers and respective fans.

So what are these golfing rules? Here’s a rundown of do’s and don’ts to help you and others be conformable on any golfing course.

Golfing Do’s

  • Always allow players who are furthest from the holes to take shots first.
  • If you’re a slow player or you’re a beginner and there’s a group of quicker players on course, allow them to go play their shot first to avoid holding them up.
  • Let the previous winner tee off first.
  • Space is paramount in any golf course, so step aside or stand out the way when the opponent or even players in your team are taking their shots.
  • To ensure that everyone is safe from your wayward shots, shout “Fore!” And if necessary, add your own words and even use your hands if need be, just to protect other people on the golf course.
  • Be sure to replace all divots you create with your clubs.
  • Replace the flag in the hole once you’re done putting.

Golfing Don’ts

  • Hit your golf ball when other players within range.
  • Wear shoes that damage the green.
  • Walk around the course when shots are taken.
  • Wheel golf carts about the course green.
  • Rush the player ahead of you for no due reason.
  • Chat with other players and fans on the green or tee.
  • Make long phone calls on the green.
  • Hold up other players by unnecessarily playing slowly.

Golf Rules for Spectators

Many of the rules above apply to players, but the rules and traditions are not limited to just them. So what’s the golf etiquette for spectators? Always be quiet when the play is going on and keep your movements at a minimum when players are about to tee or putt. Wait for all the players to tee before you move on to the next tee. Wear spikeless shoes, such as sneakers, to prevent damaging the green. Cheer a good shot but in a modest way that doesn’t disturb other spectators or demoralise other players. Additionally, don’t ask for autographs from your favourite golfers when they’re still playing. If you want to keep some memories, you may take pictures, but only a few pictures and not during competition rounds.

Whether you’re a player or spectator, make sure that you consult with the event organisers to learn about the golf etiquette you should follow. Ask about the clothes to wear and read the rules before you set out to the green. Enjoy your game!

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